6 Photos That Will Make You Want To Go To Ice Castles YEG!

Below are 6 images I think will make you want to check out Ice Castles YEG for yourself! Enjoy!


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My Top 5, January 2017, Edmonton Events!

I get asked all the time “How do you find all the events you attend?” The answer is: websites like Winter City and Explore Edmonton, Facebook events and Read More

New Year’s Eve 2017 & Canada’s 150th!

YaY! Happy New Year, Friends! 😀


I hope you all had a spectacular night! Mommers and I attended the New Year’s Eve & Canada 150 festivities in Read More

Nuit Blanche … this is art (?)(!)

Saturday night was Nuit Blanche in Edmonton.  It was a contemporary art event in downtown Edmonton for one night only.  I checked out many of the 31 events going on that night and will share a few of them with you here. 🙂 Read More