About me ….. hmmm … this was really the hardest part for me, hence waiting 6 months after starting this blog to actually fill it out.

Okay, my name is maRiOn and I’m proudly from the beautiful city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I’m a very passionate, out-of-work photographer who loves to travel.

I’m a pet parent to two amazing little beings, my Seal-point Siamese, Salad and her older brother, Spencer, my Western Box Turtle.

I’m very easily excited, impressed and distracted …. squirrel!

I consider myself to be a true Jack-Of-All-Trades, having worked as a lifeguard, dental assistant, salesperson, photographer, accounts payable clerk, receptionist, stagehand and even a landscaper ….I honestly believe I can do anything, if given the chance.

My goals in life include travelling to 68 countries, having a gallery showing, skydiving and making a real name for myself doing what I love most.

I absolutely love meeting new people/friends and am always eager to try something new!

I’m single, childless, independent and loving every second of life!




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