14. Malaysia

I had a one night stand with Malaysia ….. it was hot and exciting and everything I was craving! IMG_1282.JPG

I thought while I was in SE Asia I needed to see as many places as possible. So we took a bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur one morning.  Our original plan was to stop and have lunch in Melaka on the way ….. but we missed that bus :/  Eeeppp!

Have you ever taken a bus across a country border? I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t to have to stop twice and go through customs at each border.  We left Singapore, got to the Singapore border crossing, had to all get off the bus with our belongings, go through customs, get our passports exit stamped, get back on the bus, cross the river (border), arrive at the Malaysia border crossing, get off the bus with all our belongings, go through Malaysian customs, get our passport entry stamps, get back on the bus and continue on to Kuala Lumpur. I know it makes total sense …. but somehow it was still a surprise.


Frolicking on the 41st floor sky-bridge that connects the Petronas Twin Towers

Our one night in KL, we stayed at the most amazing Airbnb ever! It was totally worth the $57 CAD!  We were on  the 17th floor and had access to the rooftop infinity pool that had an amazing view of the Petronas Twin Towers! We took major advantage of the view by spending a lot of time in the pool. We were mermaids. 😉


As I said above, we only spent one, lovely night in Kuala Lumpur, so my one major must-see was of course, the Petronas Twin Towers! We totally lucked out on the timing … we were up there for sunset! Whoa! I couldn’t take enough photos …. that image will forever be burned in my mind! Absolutely breathtaking!


*Fun Fact: Selfie sticks are not permitted in the Petronas Twin Towers! They have a selfie stick check … like a coat check.

I’m a total, typical tourist on my travels …. I feel that if you’re going to Malaysia you must see the Petronas Twin Towers, when you go to India you must see the Taj Mahal ….. there’s just certain sights that are considered to be “must-sees” to me. That’s why on this trip I considered myself to be super lucky to have a friend like Lyn to guide me to all my “must-sees”.  Thank you, Lyn, for such an amazing trip ….. I really appreciate you.


We flew back to Singapore on Tigerair for $45 CAD for the both of us! …. travelling within SE Asia is very affordable. Once you’re there, I recommend staying there for a long while and travelling around. I would’ve stayed there for months if I didn’t have to come home for Christmas at my Big, Baby Brother’s.

Okay, Friends, that’s all I have …. one night makes for a short post. I hope you enjoyed it and be sure to sign up to my mailing list to ensure you never miss a post. Next Saturday will be Bali, Indonesia …. it’ll be a gooder …. so please stay tuned and thank you in advance for your support! 😀




  1. Linda · April 30, 2016

    Beautiful ful and very interesting.


    • maRiOn · April 30, 2016

      Thank you, Linda! It was a great experience! 😍


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