13. Singapore

The whole country of Singapore, is the city of Singapore ….. did you know that? There is no other city or town in Singapore, other than Singapore …. it’s considered to be an island city-state.

Singapore easily climbed to the top of the list as being my favorite place on this SE Asia trip! It’s an ultra modern, clean, fast-paced city with a lot going on. It’s compact and easy to get round and everything is about 15 minutes away. Oh, and there’s an amazing Wi-Fi connection pretty much everywhere! I’m definitely more of a big city traveling kind of girl …. I’d much rather wander down a bustling downtown, than hack my way trough a jungle trail with a machete any day.  Singapore reminded me a lot of Dubai …. I knew it would! Another big city I love.

I  am going to admit to you that Singapore however, was the only place I had stomach issues on this trip …. I know exactly what did it too …. the Singapore breakfast! Lyn and I went down to have a traditional Singaporean breakfast …. it was kaya toast with soft boiled eggs ….. emphasis on “soft”. I was honestly shocked when I received a bowl with what looked like two “dropped into boiling water for 30 seconds” eggs! I knew as soon as I attempted eating them, that it was not going to turn out well. You know what it’s like to try to spoon up raw eggs right? Impossible. I even remember saying to Lyn that I should just suck them out of the bowl with a straw …. and we laughed. It was no laughing matter later that day! And I was wearing a romper that zipped up in back! Not good!  That romper was zipped up and down multiple times that day/night (with assistants) …. too many times. This did not make it onto the list below which is comprised of a few of my favorite things about Singapore. 😉

Here you go  ….. these are a few of my favorite things (about Singapore):

The Food – Hawkers

The food in Singapore is some of the best I’ve ever had! I knew this going there …. my big, baby brother gave me a list of “must tries” and I tried every single one of them.  Two of the things from his list were BBQ stingray and a Singapore ice cream sandwich.  The BBQ stingray was somehow, exactly what I expected it to be …. it had the exact texture and taste I imagined it to …. LOL! It was pretty great …. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever crave it though 😉


BBQ stingray, chicken skewers, seafood noodles and iced tea! No rice!  😉

I tried it at a hawker centre called Makansutra, such an amazing experience! I wish we had hawkers in Edmonton!


The unofficial Singaporean dish, however is chili crab!  I was sadly unable to try this one, it’s a little pricy at $93 and is better shared in larger groups. I was there with my friend Lyn and for the two of us it was a bit too much. After we parted ways, Lyn went with 3 other friends and divulged in the chili crab ….. here’s her picture of that outstanding event!


Now ….. as I mentioned earlier …. the ice cream sandwich! I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone by having the durian ice cream sandwich and cross durian off my list at the same time  …. but that would be cheating and isn’t really trying durian, right? …. I tried durian for the first time in Bali a week later …. but that’s coming up in a later post …. squirrel!  😉

…. back to the ice cream sandwich …. LOL! It was literally an ice cream sandwich ….    a chunk of ice cream wrapped up in a slice of white bread! YaY!  😀


I could post soooooo many food pictures ….. but I won’t …. I think you get the idea.  😉

Gardens By The Bay & Marina Bay Sands

Whoa! Gardens By The Bay was even more amazing than I expected! I’ve seen pictures of it, but nothing can capture it’s true awesomeness other than your own eyes! This was a “must-see” for me while in Singapore! There are 18, solar powered, man-made super trees, each 25′ to 50’tall, covered with vertical gardens that perform a light show each night at the 250 acre, Gardens Of The Bay! Super, super cool!


Along with Gardens By The Bay comes the Marina Bay Sands …. you can’t see one without the other. It’s one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever seen and has the worlds highest rooftop infinity pool!



The Merlion is the coolest hybrid ever!  Singapore’s mascot combines the head of a lion and the body of a fish. The fish body represents Singapore’s origin as a fishing village and the lion head represents Singapore’s original name, Singapura, meaning “lion city”. Unfortunately while I was visiting, he was under renovation and not functioning. 😦  Sad face.


But …. I was fortunate to get to go visit the Sentosa Merlion …. the next best Merlion.  😉


Yes, I’m faking the selfie stick stance …. LOL! I thought it would be funny … I was right.


Sentosa would fall next naturally on this list of my favorite things.  As I’ve already said we went to the island of Sentosa, not just to see the Merlion but to experience the beachiness that Singapore has to offer. It was warm and lovely and a great getaway from the fast-pace of the rest of the city.


Lyn and I also joined a band while on Sentosa, The Bubbles! 😉  We rock!


Singapore Flyer

This was yet another “must-see” for me!  I know, I’m a very uber touristy traveller …. I accept that. Most well travelled destinations have a version of this …. it’s essentially a giant-pod-ferris wheel that you ride with strangers.  The Singapore Flyer!


Singapore Slings

Honestly, I don’t think it’s right to go to Singapore and not have a Singapore Sling. 😉  Singapore Slings were concocted in the Raffles Hotel in 1915 …. which means they were celebrating its 100th anniversary while we were there! We couldn’t not have one. 😉  They were pricey …. $41 per drink after tip … but you only have to do it once in a lifetime, right?  It was totally worth it for me, just to be able to have a picture of myself drinking a Singapore Sling in Singapore, in the place it was created, on it’s 100th anniversary! Yup! Worth it!


Lyn and I in Long Bar in Raffles Hotel, enjoying Singapore Slings in Singapore.

 Night Safari

Okay … LOL! This was another recommendation from my big, baby brother …. the Night Safari. I wasn’t really sure what to expect …. but you go to the Night Safari and hop on a little train that takes you through a nocturnal zoo. There’s no lights and you’re obviously not allowed to take pictures with your flash ….. so I have no animal pictures to post … but you ride this little train through the zoo and get creeped out by more than 2,500, nocturnal animals wandering around their natural nighttime habitats, right beside the train. There didn’t appear to be any gates or fences or railings or anything preventing them from attacking the train as it went by!  The lions are what really freaked me out! They weren’t behind glass or an enclosure of any kind, but there was a trench between us …. I don’t know how deep it was though  … obviously big enough to stop the lions from snacking!  😛  I kind of started to picture our train to be like a food truck to them …. or an ice cream truck filled with tasty treats.  Yikes!

But yes, it made for great stories and was definitely one of my favorite things to do in Singapore!



Wow! I could post a lot of architecture pictures form Singapore …. but I won’t get too crazy … don’t worry.  😉  Most of the buildings I saw in Singapore were super cool!  There’s a concert hall that looks like a giant durian fruit, the Marina Bay Sands that looks like a giant surfboard on stilts, the lotus flower looking Art Science Museum ….. even bridges look amazing!





Well …. it doesn’t get much better than the climate in Singapore!  It’s only 137 kms north of the equator and each day we were there, it was around 32-34 degrees Celsius. Each morning started out clear and by mid to late afternoon there would be thundershowers for about an hour and then it would slowly clear up again. All in all, no complaints on the weather!


When Singapore gives you thundershowers in Chinatown …. buy umbrellas!

Getting Around

Singapore is compact and ultra modern, thereby making it super easy and fast to get around, even though I don’t speak Singlish. 😉

We took the SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapid Transit) everywhere!!  We are so smart, S.M.R.T.!  😉

Let me sum up an average day for me in Singapore: Walk into SMRT station, tap in, go down the escalator, go down the escalator, go down the escalator, get on the train, get off the train, go up the escalator, get on the train, get off the train, go up the escalator, go up the escalator, go down the escalator, get on the train, get of the train, go up the escalator, go up, go up, go up and tap out.  LOL! That was my everyday. I’m not going to lie …. it was pretty awesome.  I even took the MRT to the airport to fly out.


Me on the MRT to the airport … my last ride in Singapore.

We also took advantage of the Hop On Hop Off buses! We rode all the lines on that as well and used it as transportation. Hop On Hop Off is always a great time!


Hotel Jen in Orchard Gateway

Last but definitely not least …. another one of my favorite things about Singapore was our amazing hotel, The Hotel Jen in Orchard Gateway! I highly, highly recommend it! 😀 It had a gorgeous rooftop pool and our room was modern and amazing! It only cost us $150 per night …. very good deal!


There was something kind of weird about our room though …. our bathroom stall and shower stall were both just two cubes of frosted glass …. sharing a frosted glass wall. There were no solid walls in the bathroom area …. or anywhere in the room for that matter. The privacy wasn’t the best, especially because I was travelling with a friend and not a husband or boyfriend …. it was a little weird being in the shower and seeing Lyn’s shadow on the toilet beside me … LOL!


Lyn and I were twinsies this morning …. my last morning in Singapore.

There you have it …. a few of my favorite things about Singapore! Can you believe I was only there for 5 days?! Soooooo many things happened that I’ll remember dearly, forever!

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